Anna Kendrick Sings Her Way Through a Relationship

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  • Confession: I would watch Anna Kendrick do just about anything. I’d watch her read the entirety of Great Expectations out loud. I’d watch her make toast. I’d watch her gruesomely murder a flock of pigeons and tweet about how hilarious and talented she is. But fortunately, most of what we get to watch her do are the things she’s great at: acting and singing (and tweeting, but that’s not relevant here).

    On The Late Late Show With James Corden recently, Kendrick and Corden threw together a mix of popular songs that, strung together and with the right scenery, told the condensed story of a couple meeting, falling in love, and falling out. It’s sort of like The Last Five Years except more linear. And significantly shorter. And it won’t make you sob into the soft fluff of your dog whom you’re holding hostage for cuddling out of the despair of knowing what’s coming.

    This video is everything you could want if you like Anna Kendrick, musicals, pop music, or life itself. Watch it, and share it, and watch it again and with that we could have endless musicals with both of these talented performers. Who honestly make it so much more fun to watch seeing how much fun they’re having as friends.

    Pitch Perfect 3 is coming up. What pop song do you hope gets featured this time around? It’s a song for Beca and Chloe, right? Come on, you know it is. Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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