Watch Jay Leno Survive a Crazy Car Crash

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  • Miracles can happen. Jay Leno would back me up on this one. During Leno’s recent filming for an episode of his series Jay Leno’s Garage, the late night show host was flipped over multiple times while riding in the passenger seat of a Hurst Hemi Under Glass.

    A Hurst Hemi Under Glass is a famous drag racing vehicle that was popular during the Hurst Performance campaign in the 60s and 70s. The car’s engine is put in the back seat of the car, allowing its front two wheels to raise high off the ground. Pretty cool view for the audience, especially with the glass feature showing the engine.

    Still going strong at 80 years old, iconic stunt driver Bob Riggle gave Leno a ride of a lifetime… one that he sure will never forget. Shortly after the 2,500 HP Hemi Under Glass leaned onto its two back tires, the car began flipping continuously for what looks like five to six full circles.

    Irwindale Speedway medics came running to Riggle and Leno, asking them basic questions about their identity to ensure they had sustained no brain injuries. The two men got out of the car completely unharmed. The car on the other hand, was in need of some serious help.

    We wonder if Leno secretly regrets checking off this childhood bucket list item. His long-time hero Riggle even shared that the accident was only his second in fifty years. Good news is, cars are replaceable, people are not. Take a look at the video for yourself.

    Would you still want to ride a Hemi Under Glass after seeing this video? Or are you content staying on all four wheels? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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