This Dark Zootopia Scene Didn’t Make the Cut

By Rachel Kiley
And that's probably a good thing.
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  • Getting to see deleted scenes from films is one of the coolest things about the rise of initially DVDs and now streaming video. Sometimes they give more insight into a story or character, and other times it’s very clear that they were cut because they would have taken away from what the film wound up being.

    With this just-released deleted scene from Zootopia, it’s definitely the latter.

    The theatrical release of the film features a fox and a rabbit working together to uncover a conspiracy, and ultimately serves as an allegory for the dangers of racial profiling. The cut scene would have taken the film, and its underlying meaning, in a much darker direction, showcasing a world where “predatory” animals receive shock collars to keep them in line. Fortunately, Disney decided to go in a slightly different direction, and give us the film that everyone wound up loving so much.

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