Snooki Releases “Yung Mommy” Music Video

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  • While the majority of the world may go most of the year forgetting that Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi from Jersey Shore) exists, she’s definitely trying her best to make us remember.

    Did you know she has a YouTube channel?

    No? Neither did I.

    But she does, and a couple days ago, she used it to release a music video for a song called “Yung Mommy,” which is, as you could guess, kind of about being a young mommy? Heavily autotuned, the video features a bunch of dancing children along with a rap about how the Jersey Shore star’s life has changed now that she’s become a mother.

    Following in the tradition of all the other music videos released by reality TV stars, it’s… interesting.

    Snooki warns us not to take the video too seriously, because it’s just for fun. Which is fair, but also, what did I just watch?

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