How To Ruin A Food Instagram In One Easy Step

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  • The Instagram food trend needs to die and this is a quick and easy way to kill it.

    Step 1: Wait. You need to be patient while the Instagrammer gets their photo in peak position. This requires serious patience. Too early and they won’t feel the shame and wrath of your actions.

    Step 2: Just as they’re about to snap their photo, ruin the look of the dish.

    Step 3: ????

    Step 4: Profit (and by profit we mean, never sit through another photo session again).

    It should be noted, if you’re going out with someone and you know they Insta their food and you know it drives you nuts, maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat with that person. At that point, you’re kind of being a bit of a douche.

    Happy Instagram Ruining!

    What’s your technique to ruin perfect Insta’s? Tell us all about here and in detail in the comments down below or over on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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