‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Returns to Take Down Bullsh*t Awards Shows

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  • Adam Conover is one of TV’s great public servants. His College Humor web series-turned-truTV show, Adam Ruins Everything, almost always does a good job of cutting to the heart of controversial issues — from circumcision to women in video games — and explaining why what we’re often told or commonly believe is, in Joe Biden’s words, malarkey.

    The second season of Adam Ruins Everything just started up, and Conover is already pulling no punches. College Humor has uploaded an excerpt from the first episode, “Adam Ruins Hollywood,” and it’s prime ARE: funny mini-sketches, cited sources (which you can find here), and that sweet blend of mild condescension with actually being right.

    You might remember Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes monologue from five years ago, in which he made this joke at the expense of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the secretive group that votes on the Globes:

    “I’d like to quash this ridiculous rumor going ’round that the only reason The Tourist was nominated was so the Hollywood Foreign Press could hang out with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. That is rubbish. That is not the only reason. They also accepted bribes.”

    Turns out, according to Conover, that he wasn’t too far off the mark. While the Motion Picture and TV Academies aren’t nearly as bad as the HFPA, they are definitely susceptible to “For Your Consideration” campaigns, which can get pretty shady. Check out the video above to see some examples.

    Conover doesn’t outright accuse the Oscars and Emmys of corruption, but rather lambasts the system for relying so heavily on FYC campaigns. The video is best summarized with the closing words of Deadline awards columnist Pete Hammond:

    “Spending money doesn’t guarantee you’re going to win, but if you want to have a chance, you’d better campaign.”

    What do you think? Is your trust in Hollywood eroded, or did you already know all this stuff? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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