You’ve Gotta Watch the “Captain America: Civil War” Gag Reel

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  • One of the best parts of any Marvel movie is the blooper reel that eventually comes with it, and the new selection from “Captain America: Civil War” certainly doesn’t disappoint.

    Along with the usual flubbed lines and giggle fits, we get to see Black Widow struggle with her badass baton flipping, Falcon not exactly sticking the landing, Chris Evans being his usual Golden Retriever self, and lots and lots of Robert Downey Jr. hogging the spotlight like he always does. (“Stop fucking with me, Tom! The camera’s on me now!”)

    You get the impression that it’s a small miracle these movies get made at all, with all this behind-the-scenes goofing off happening. Worth the extra production cost if you ask me.

    The “Civil War” DVD hits stores on September 2 and the Blu-Ray on September 13.

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