Joss Whedon Recruits Every Celeb to Preach to the Choir About Trump

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  • After over a year of absence from Twitter (remember the conspiracy theories about him leaving?), Joss Whedon is back — and he brought friends. The writer and director, known for the Avengers franchise and just about everything else in pop culture dweebs like us have consumed in the last 20+ years, recruited a massive contingent of famous folks to inspire us all to stop Trump. So far, it’s generating an equally massive amount of discussion.

    Whedon is not a fan of Trump, whom he described to BuzzFeed as “orange Muppet Hitler.” That’s why he’s made this PSA — and why he’s created a super PAC, Save the Day, devoted to getting out the vote in this year’s election. Though it’s clear from the video that Save the Day would rather people vote for Clinton, judging by the response it’s gotten so far, it’s impossible to say which candidate’s base this PSA will fire up more. (The video never mentions either candidate by name, but, come on, just look at it.)

    Whedon announced the campaign with a BuzzFeed interview and the following tweet:

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  • Depending on which candidate you support, the video is either thoroughly entertaining or wildly enraging. If you’re for Clinton: great, some of your favorite celebrities are in a funny little video encouraging people to vote! If you’re for Trump: who the hell do these Hollywood elites think they are, telling me what to do?! If you’re on the fence: no one is on the fence, it’s 2016.

    In other words, everybody should watch this video, because whether you’re in the liberal social media bubble or the conservative social media bubble, it’s all anybody will be talking about. I mean, come on, look at this cast list:

    Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Neil Patrick Harris, Don Cheadle, Keegan Michael Key, Julianne Moore, Nathan Fillion, Rosie Perez, Jesse Williams, Martin Sheen, Stanley Tucci, Leslie Odom Jr., Yvette Nicole Brown, Randall Park, Taran Killam, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Matt McGorry, Ashley Johnson, I’m pretty sure that was Pamela Adlon, and a couple people I didn’t recognize.

    Still not convinced you should check it out? Here’s a few of our favorite pull quotes:

    Don Cheadle, obviously on Trump: “A racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

    Martin Sheen: “We cannot pretend both sides are equally unfavorable.

    Mark Ruffalo: “Mark will do a nude scene in his next movie?”

    Neil Patrick Harris: “Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie.”

    Robert Downey Jr.: “Mark’s gonna have his dick out.”

    What do you think? Did this inspire you or piss you off? Let us know in the comments below or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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