Hillary Clinton Unites Internet With ‘Between Two Ferns’ Appearance

By Peter Lundquist
The woman actually did something without the internet getting all mad.

  • Not content to let The Donald monopolize the entertainment landscape, as he has since his controversial appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last week, Hillary Clinton turned up on a far hipper (fake) talk show.

    Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis’s long-running Funny or Die series, has had some pretty high-profile guests — including a sitting President of the United States. For the first time, though, the show is tackling politics in the middle of an election — and, surprisingly, the reaction has been mostly positive.

    Here’s the original video from Funny or Die:

  • Source: www.funnyordie.com / Via: www.funnyordie.com

  • Whatever you think of Clinton, it’s pretty funny what she and her famously calculating team allowed Galifianakis and co. to get away with. Instead of “Presidential candidate” or “former Secretary of State,” her lower third says “had pneumonia.” Galifianakis asks her a surprising hardball question about TPP, masked with a joke. There’s even a pretty good gag about her emails (which I won’t spoil).

    Clinton has long battled the perception that she’s robotic or humorless, the most memorable recent example being her appearance in Humans of New York. This particular media outing is certain to be an attempt to combat the idea that Clinton can’t take a joke.

    Almost everything else the candidates have done in this election seems to be working with those who already support the candidate and infuriating those who don’t. But with over 20 million views combined across platforms, the reaction has been mostly positive — even on Clinton-unfriendly places like YouTube and Reddit. Clinton supporters seem to enjoy their candidate being the center of comedy, and Trump supporters seem to like Clinton being taken down a peg.

    I’m just glad people are finally agreeing on something!

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