The Five Biggest Questions Following the First Presidential Debate

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  • After months of build up and suspense, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally squared off on-stage at Hofstra University for their first debate.

    To those in the live audience in Hempstead, NY and to the millions watching at home around the US, the verbal skirmish between the Republican and Democratic nominees did not disappoint and set the stage for the two debates that will follow.

    In the first installment of the Trump v Clinton trilogy, it was Clinton who came away looking like the clear winner to everyone who doesn’t already own a Make America Great Again ball cap. She was poised, calm, and well-prepared with a quiver of facts and personal anecdotes to help shape her remarks into coherent talking points. Her most cunning move of all was allowing Trump plenty of time at the mic to bluster and bluff his way through most questions. Throughout much of the debate, his rambling and repetitive responses served only to set the table for a precision strike rebuttal from Clinton.

    For as much as Clinton could be labeled the clear cut winner, there are questions that remain unanswered following the debate.

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  • 1. Was Donald Trump coked up?

    Everyone from Wu-Tang Financial to Howard Dean (yes, the yelling guy who is now the Governor of Vermont) couldn’t help but notice Trump’s odd mannerisms, runny nose, and unending thirst.

    According to the National Institute of Health, signs of cocaine use include: runny nose, unusual excitement, mood swings, and “(doing) things that make no sense.”

    2. Will Trump ever admit to making his “smart” comment?

    Everyone watching the debate immediately did a double take when Trump made the statement that he didn’t pay federal income taxes for at least two years because he was “smart.” Clinton promptly turned it against him and used Trump’s zero dollar tax contribution as an example of why America’s infrastructure was crumbling, a point Trump raised only moments earlier. Immediately following the debate Trump denied ever making this statement.

    3. Will Clinton release her “33,000” emails?

    Early on, moderator Lester Holt raised the issue of Trump refusing to release his tax returns. When he realized his “I’m under audit” excuse was getting him nowhere, he offered to release his returns “against the advice of his lawyer” if Clinton released the alleged 33,000 emails that were sent and received through her private server. This was virtually the only time of the evening that Trump went on the offensive. He seemingly forgot to mention the Benghazi affair, the Clinton Foundation, and a host of other favorite Republican talking points.

    4. Will the 400 pound hacker please come forward?

    In discussing cyber security in the 21st century and the Democratic National Committee hack, Trump spoke about the internet, or cyber as he called it, with as much knowledge as your grandparents would have had about the internet back in 1996. After naming China and Russia as possible suspects, Trump dropped the bombshell that for all we know the hacker could be “someone sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds.”

    5. Will Rosie O’Donnell reignite her feud with Trump?

    Sure seems like she’s getting ready to snap an orange neck. Earlier in the evening she tweeted a link to the 2006 episode of The View that launched a million angry late night tweets.

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