CollegeHumor Fires Another Salvo in Its Parody War Against BuzzFeed

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  • CollegeHumor has declared parody war on BuzzFeed, having posted various videos directly or indirectly mocking the clickbait giant throughout the past few months. This comes after Akilah Hughes accused BuzzFeed of stealing videos and everything ClickHole has ever done. CollegeHumor’s videos include parodies of BuzzFeed properties like branded videos, the Try Guys, and those damn eating videos your friend from high school won’t stop posting on Facebook.

    The latest of these videos is “Is This Video Branded?”, in which four of the new class of CollegeHumor stars stand around advertising products. They seek out whoever’s promoting their brand for money. This parodies the latest BuzzFeed trend of including brand promotion in their videos, getting paid not only for the views but for the content. These types of videos can be more obvious but they can also be more subtle, as referenced at first by CollegeHumor.

    This isn’t the first time they’ve attacked BuzzFeed, however. CollegeHumor has also released a video making fun of all those “Americans try” videos. Those types of videos have proliferated across not only BuzzFeed, but also numerous other websites and YouTube channels as well. You know, these types of videos. You can watch CollegeHumor’s parody below:

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  • The most direct line of attack comes from a recent video explicitly mocking BuzzFeed’s popular Try Guys show. Instead of “Try Guys,” CollegeHumor has the “Give-It-a-Whirl F*ckers.” It is, to use the parlance of the youngsters, “savage”:

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  • There’s also at least one video with a more subtle reference (watch out for the comparison to “Keith from BuzzFeed”).

    Again, College Humor isn’t alone in their parody, but they are one of the most visible. ClickHole is also a parody of not only BuzzFeed, but of other websites like Cracked and most of YouTube. (Not this site, though. We’re innocent!)

    What do you think? Will all these parodies inspire BuzzFeed to try to make decent content? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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