This Honest Trailer Is Hilarious Whether You Love or Hate ‘The Flash’

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  • Screen Junkies is back with arguably their best Honest Trailers episode since the classic Deadpool trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds. This time, they’re taking on the beloved CW/DC Universe show The Flash, and whether you’re a fan of the show or (like me) saw the pilot and thought it was too cheesy to actually exist, you’ll find something to laugh at.

    The writers and editors over at SJ are pretty damn good at noticing patterns in The Flash and making light of them. This video features supercuts of:

    —Barry complaining about not going fast enough

    —Cisco saying “nerdy” stuff that isn’t that nerdy

    —Caitlin talking about her fiancé being dead

    —Barry telling Joe West he’s a great dad

    —Iris making out with dudes in front of Barry

    —Literally impossible science coming out of Star Labs

    —Barry shaking his head over and over, like the bobblehead he is

    That’s seven supercuts, baby! So many supercuts that Supercuts is gonna sue for copyright infringement!

    Beyond the supercuts and solid jokes (including one at Kevin Smith’s expense), Screen Junkies is promoting their new show called “The Flash and Friends.” The show, which recaps and discusses all the DC Universe shows on air currently (except Gotham, because who cares about Gotham?) airs as part of Screen Junkies Plus, which you can sign up for right here. Here’s the first episode of the show, which airs every Wednesday at 1 pm PT.

    What do you think? Did this video shake your faith in The Flash? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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