Senate Candidate Aims Desperately for Youth Vote by Dabbing At Debate

California's Loretta Sanchez wrapped up a debate performance by making everyone cringe at her dance moves.
By Peter Lundquist
  • Here’s the face of a woman who knows she just won an election.

    Sanchez dab base


  • Dabbing: it’s what all the kids are doing. We’ve tried before to get to the heart of this dance phenomenon, going so far as to make a video answering the question “why are people so obsessed with dabbing?” and bringing King Bach to our office to teach us how to do it properly. One thing we can say for sure about the craze is that it’s something a Senate candidate should never, ever, ever do at a debate. We didn’t think we had to spell that out for anyone, but unfortunately, California Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez didn’t get the message.

    Earlier this week, Sanchez (D) debated Kamala Harris (D) over which candidate is better suited to take over for retiring Senator Barbara Boxer. (Yes, they’re both Democrats; California has a “jungle primary” system in which the top two vote-getters in the primary face off in the general election regardless of party affiliation.) If you’re into that sort of thing, here’s a complete video of the debate from host Cal State LA:

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  • At around 55 minutes and 28 seconds in, Sanchez goes way over time on her closing statement. What happens next wasn’t captured by the YouTube video above — it only shows Harris’s shocked face — but thankfully, NBC LA reporter Adrian Arambulo captured it in a Twitter video. Here’s that video:

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  • Oof. That’s some weaponized cringe right there. To make matters worse, Harris politely mocks her opponent — and Sanchez agrees.

    According to the LA Times, polls put Harris ahead by anywhere from 15 to 32 points. We’ll see if the dabbing helped on Election Day.

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