His comments were torn asunder by the comedians.
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  • Late last week, audio leaked of Trump saying disgusting things about women. We’ve covered the leak and its fallout a few times, including our own piece about it that day, Ana Navarro’s awesome response on CNN, and Trump’s nonsense about it at the debate.

    Naturally, late night hosts have jumped all over this story. The last time we saw this much late night coverage of any event, it was when theyoffered different takes on the first debate.

    The first up was Sam Bee, who focused both on the video and the media aftermath. She’s the only woman on late night television, and naturally had a different perspective than the men. She talked about how the media had to sidestep some of the language used in the video, and argues that was Trump said is sexual assault – you can’t grab women by their private parts. You can’t just kiss a woman without waiting.

    Best joke (tie): “I’m going to move on this like a b*tch”/”That was literally a vagina monologue.”

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  • Next was Seth Meyers, who discussed Trump’s debate as well as the comments. He also talked about the impact on Billy Bush, and how he’s now the worst Bush. Good for Jeb! Meyers talks about the crisis in the Trump camp, and about how well everyone knows the tape by now. Meyers also talked about how Trump couldn’t even depart the bus.

    Best joke: “We have a higher standard for host of the third hour of the Today Show than for Republican nominee.”

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  • Jimmy Kimmel did a bit on Trump’s “locker room talk”; AKA the repeated excuse that Trump made for the remarks. Athletes have come forward to say that that wasn’t actually locker room talk. Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo hang out in a locker room, talking the way Trump — but no one else — apparently does there.

    Best joke: “This was recorded three hours ago. We were younger.”

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  • Last was Colbert. Colbert was on a break this weekend, for Columbus Day, and had pre-taped. Fortunately, he was able to record his reaction from his home. He turned the video off when it reached its apex – he’d had enough. The amount of face palms and just audible sighs is easily sympathized with.

    Best joke: “Trump says ‘quote’: when you’re a star, they let you get away with anything. And unfortunately, that’s true. Because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.”

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