This Powerful PSA About Gun Violence Is Chilling

By April Newell
It's very intense. Viewer discretion advised.

  • The PSA tells the story of a student, Evan.

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  • Sandy Hook Promise is an organization that is working to protect children against gun violence, and to educate people about the warning signs of possible attacks. The parents of the children who were lost in the Sandy Hook massacre helped put together this Public Service Announcement.

    In the video, what seems to be a quirky, romantic story about two students turns dark. Evan is corresponding with a mystery person on a desk in his school’s library. The two exchange back and forth notes before school ends for summer.

  • Warning: This video contains graphic content and suggested violence.

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  • Throughout the video, Evan is looking forward to meeting his mysterious new friend, but in the background, another student is displaying the warning signs of planning a shooting. The PSA asks if we #KnowTheSigns, and walks the viewer through the video with a new focus on the other student.

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