Horse: Catfished!?

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  • The internet can be cesspool for lies and deceit. Catfishing, fake news: there are more than a few ways in the modern era to be lied to and look the fool. Then we stopped and thought. Well, why are humans the only ones who have to live in a cesspool where they trust not their very eyes? Why not sweet little horsies too? Enter this situation here. This horse is there, looking into the eyes of a beautiful unicorn. Has it found love? Friendship? Maybe it’s feeling things out. Discovering itself. Finally, at long last, truth and beauty are one.

    NAY! (Neigh.) NAY! The mask is pulled off! It’s a human! The horse runs off, ashamed, frightened, embarrassed. A human was not what it wanted. Time to go home. Lick its hooves. Find love anew.

    Look, I love this video, and I love the idea of using the already overplayed rubber horse mask to trick an actual horse. This video? This video is one of the good videos. This video!

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