Rebecca Ferguson to Play Inauguration If She Can Sing ‘Strange Fruit’

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  • It’s no secret the Trump Inauguration has had a hard time finding A-list talent — and it’s no question why! The guy is historically unpopular! Even Trump fan Kanye West seems to not have any desire to do it. But now one singer bit. Rebecca Ferguson, and on one condition — she gets to sing Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit. She poster her statement on Twitlonger.

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  • Awesome.

    For those who don’t know, Strange Fruit is a legendary song that dealt with the murders of black men and women in the South. It’s iconic opening sings Black Bodies Swinging In The Southern Breeze/Strange Fruit Hanging From The Poplar Trees.

    The song is evocative and haunting, and a reflection of a terrible time in our history. A time that many are worrying Trump has brought roaring back. It’s no secret that Trump’s election and campaign emboldened a lot of bigotry in America. Rebecca Ferguson singing Strange Fruit might be an incredible act of protest — akin to Stephen Colbert insulting Bush in front of his face, but all the more damning. A sign that says — we will not give in to these terrible attitudes easily.

    And the best part is, I think Trump might be desperate enough to take this deal! Or so I hope!

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