Kim and Kanye’s Marriage: Rocky Road or Smooth as Vanilla?

Kim teases the media as she removes and re-adds "West" to her Twitter and Instagram handles and uploads a touching home movie to YouTube.
By Whatstrending
  • Amid countless news reports alleging the troubles ahead for the couple, Kim Kardashian, the queen of keeping the media on its toes, had removed her husband’s last name from her Twitter and Instagram handles, only to add it back a few hours later.

    Furthermore, this move comes after Kim has released personal home videos of her life together with Kanye, and their two children, North and Saint. In one clip, Kim and Nori are wearing matching sparkly silver dresses, and Kanye, with a big smile on his face, gives Nori a giant dad hug. Aww!

    After changing her handle back to Kim Kardashian West, the socialite posted an elegant photo of her loved ones—including Kanye—and captioned it “family”.

  • This is a big deal, especially considering the fact that Kim had not posted anything to Twitter since the infamous Paris robbery incident, which had led to Kim shying away from the public eye. Now, she’s back on Twitter, and as usual, The Twittersphere is going nuts.

  • So what’s with these mixed signals? Why did Kim remove “West” from her social media handles, albeit briefly? While some may still stick with the “they’re getting divorced soon” theory, others say Kim’s brief move to ditch “West” on her Twitter and Instagram handle may just be to garner media coverage during her huge social media comeback. Meanwhile, Kylie has come out in support of Kim’s momentous return to Twitter, welcoming her sister back into the Kardashians’ social media kingdom:

  • After a tumultuous few weeks following Kanye’s hospitalization, and his controversial meeting with Donald Trump, it seems as though Kim still wants to send a message through her postings that her family is still standing strong. Happy New Year, Kimye!

  • What do you think of Kim’s return to social media? Is Kanye in big trouble with Kim, or is all’s well in Kimye’s world? Let us know at @WhatsTrending.