Oprah Proves She Can Make Anything Exciting on Late Show

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  • Oprah is a world famous talk show host whose enthusiasm has sold us on everything from fine artisanal wine, to War and Peace, from the iPod to, most famously the general concept of getting a car. But what happens if she uses her powers of positivity in times more challenging?

    Enter her appearance on the Late Show last night when Stephen Colbert challenged her to make the absolutely unappealing exciting, in a new segment called Oprah Helps Stephen Make Anything Exciting, which begins around the seven minute mark. Oprah takes you through a bevy of bad news, including climate change, your flight changing, and maybe some STD test results you wouldn’t be especially excited to hear… unless they come from Oprah that is! Then you would probably be happy to see Oprah but still bummed by the results.

    This is a lovely video, but I need more! Oprah, tell me the bad news from my life! Oprah, say “Kanye would have voted for Donald Trump” in an exciting way, that has been weighing on me. Please Oprah, makes me be excited about existence again.

    What do you think, is Oprah’s melodious voice the thing we need to get us through some trying times? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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