Toddler Saves the Day by Rescuing His Twin Brother from Being Crushed

Who needs superheroes when you have a brother?
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  • As a general rule of thumb, whenever we see videos of little baby brothers and sisters, we find it adorable.

    Well, this time around, we are in awe; a two-year old boy from Utah miraculously saved his brother from imminent danger by pushing a dresser that was crushing his twin brother off of him.

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  • Talk about brotherly love. This video, depicting the little boy pushing a heavy dresser way bigger than he is, shows the strength one can muster when a loved one is in jeopardy.

    The video of this incident went viral after the twin brothers’ parents posted it as a warning to others of the dangers of unanchored furniture when little kids are present. The father of the twin boys, Mr. Shoff, shared his feeling of hesitancy in releasing the video, but decided that the release was for the greater good in order to publicize the dangers of unsecured furniture in households with small children. He also cited his amazement at the little boy’s “incredible” feat as yet another reason why he decided to release the footage.

  • Reactions to the video have been mixed, with some reacting with wonderment, while others have reacted less warmly, ranging from criticizing the parents for leaving the twins unattended to questioning the validity of the video.

    Regardless of the public’s reaction to this video, one thing is for certain: when the boy gets in to an argument with his twin brother in the future, he’ll be able to say, “Well you know what? I saved you from a falling dresser.” We’re sure that will come in handy.

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