Guide Dog With Go Pro on Back Exposes Cruelty to the Blind

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  • We human beings do two things well — behave terribly when no one is looking, and behave terrible towards people whom are different from us. And one blind man found a way to witness both by attaching a GoPro Camera to his dog, Kika.<./p>

    The camera on Kika’s back records what his owner, Amir Patel, doesn’t see. His wife, Seema uploads it and reviews the footage. Often the behavior can be shockingly cruel. In the video above, subways goers insult and are annoyed with him, ignore him as he calls for help, and in an incident described to the Daily Mail, a woman put her bags on an empty seat to avoid having him sit next to her.

    It’s hard to get humanity to behave well when it comes to those who need kindness. But hopefully Kika can draw attention to this and make us take another look at ourselves.

    Kika also has a very charming Twitter feed, which you can see below.

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