Mascot Can’t Stay On Ice In Local Commercial Outtakes

Poor little polar bear mascot! Can't even sell cars without slipping!
By Alex Firer
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  • It’s not easy being a mascot. You sit there in a giant suit, people don’t treat you with no respect, and when you fall in the outtakes for a Mitsubishi dealership ad, the internet laughs and laughs and laughs.

    This outtake, of a man in a polar bear suit falling down again and again on his little mascot bottom has been crawling around the internet as more and more people laugh. But have you tried ice skating in one of these ridiculous suits? Of course you haven’t! Unless you’re literally the guy in the suit reading this. In which case, thank you for the laughs. And the expectations! What kind of polar bear can’t stay on the ice and sell great automobiles!? The shame is overwhelming, but the laffs my friend, the laffs are ever going onwards!

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