Paul Ryan Confronted By Ex Republican Cancer Survivor on ACA

Boy oh boy, it is very different when you actually talk to one of the people who would be harmed if this thing is repealed, right?
By Alex Firer
  • Although the Republicans may be trying to gut the affordable care act, it will not go out without a fight, as this measured and peaceful confrontation at a CNN town hall between Paul Ryan and a cancer survivor shows.

    As the Republicans are gutting the ACA — the Affordable Care Act — known in certain circles as Obamacare — people are panicking. And rightfully so. The Affordable Care Act has started to ease away one of America’s longest standing problems — a lack of access to affordable medical care. However, the Republicans — possibly in a show of pride, are trying to repeal it.

    The national mood— more bipartisan than anyone could have predicted — was reflected in a video going around, of a man named Jeff Jeans, who spoke to Paul Ryan during a CNN Town Hall, and expressed his concern about the repeal.

    He says he was a lifelong Republican, having worked for both the Bush and Reagan campaigns and was against the ACA initially. However that all changed when he was given six months to live without any care at the age of 49 due to cancer. The Affordable Care Act saved his life, and before Paul Ryan can try to escape the embarrassment of actually to having to tell a sick person why he’s doing any of this this, the man said “I want to thank President Obama from the bottom of my heart, because I would be dead if it weren’t for him”.

    Paul Ryan stammers out that he wants to replace it with something better, but the possibility there is nothing is very real. If there was a plan, it would be the only argument blaring out of every single window and radio and TV screen in this new Trump administration. Even if the Republicans have something, they can’t take it on blind trust that the American people will believe them. The American people are not wrong to be nervous that there is no solution, and I hope Paul Ryan takes into account men like Jeff Jeans, and many like him who need this healthcare program just to survive.

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