Finally! Honest Trailers Skewers Willy Wonka

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  • The movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a classic that kids of all generations love. However, is the movie really all that positive and jolly?

    The Honest Trailers finally took a jab at the age-old classic, and they roasted them good, leaving no characters behind.

    The trailer characterized grandpa Joe, Charlie’s companion on his adventure, as “…con artist grandpa Joe, a swindler who takes money for smokes while the rest of the family eats cabbage water… and goes from bedridden to dancing as soon as free chocolate comes along. We’re onto you, grandpa Joe, we’re onto you.”

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  • As sinister music plays in the background, the trailer describes the tour as a twisted and dark journey for those involved: “Watch, as he turns a factory tour into a deadly game, where only the generous survive, while the impure are disfigured in accordance with their sins, and tiny orange monsters dispose of the bodies.”

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  • And finally, towards the end, Michael Bolton shows up to describe the scenes of the movie with a tune, and hilariously tells the audience that he is here because he “has a new album to promote.” Whatever the reason, we always welcome your singing talents, Michael!

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