Satirical Dutch Comedy Show Welcomes Trump In His Own Words

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  • p>It’s very refreshing to see what the rest of the world thinks about our contentious president who — as of today is currently looking into fraud in an election he already won. Yup. What can you even add.

    Well, luckily in this case, it’s not up to me, it’s up to my Danish brothers and sisters abroad! On a Dutch program, Zondag Met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach — apparently a sort of Dutch Daily Show), talk to Trump in his own language— saying— hey. I know your America First policy may just hurt the rest of the world… but what if… the Netherlands are second!? Ah!? Buddy!?”

    The show then teases Trump with all the stuff he loves the most— racism! Big crowds! Distance from Mexico! Come on buddy! We know you love racism! Ah?

    Altogether, it’s a very funny skewering of a man by a country that I hope survives uhh… our dissolution of NATO.

    Hey, Netherlands, thanks for the laughs. We need some of that amazing satire our way.

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