Man Accidentally Skis Off 150 ft Cliff, Records It, Is Okay

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  • Not since Wile E. Coyote first ran too far after that darned Road Runner did we get such a stunning and stark view of what running off a cliff looks like. I mean, this is even better. The coyote never had a GoPro.

    Skier Davin Stratton found himself accidentally flying off of a one hundred and fifty foot cliff in Wasatach Range in Utah. Thankfully, as the video shows, he was completely unhurt, and, I’m just going to say, equally as thankfully for us, he recorded it all on his GoPro attached to his helmet.

    Experience the terror of flying off a cliff all without leaving your very nice and great chair! And remember — the most important philosophy of all time, as this video clearly shows— just don’t leave your house, all right guys? Too dangerous!

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