Mahershala Ali And Others Give Pro Immigration Speeches at SAG Awards

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  • I hope the concept of Meryl Streep’s speaking out against Trump doesn’t offend him too much. There’s so much more on the way.

    Following Donald Trump’s morally reprehensible and barely constitutional Muslim refugee ban from a few countries he just happens to not do business with, the actors of Hollywood used their victories at SAG to speak out against this immoral act.

    Julia Louis Dreyfus discussed her connection to immigration and how she wouldn’t be here if her father didn’t escape Nazi occupied France, and how the ban is unAmerican.

    Mahershala Ali spoke from his experiences as a Muslim and how he wishes we could look past our religious differences and come together as one, and what we can expect if we do not unite.

    Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston, who played the famously foul mouthed LBJ, said “Don’t spit in our soup”, as something that president would say to this one.

    Given how well Trump reacted to Meryl Streep, I’m sure these will delight the thin skinned man child who is currently leading our country. Julia Louis Dreyfus’ speech is above, while Mahershala Ali’s and Bryan Cranston’s are below.

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