Cable Company Calls Man And Asks Him To Stop Streaming Boxing Match: LIVE!

It's the fight of the century folks! Guy streaming PayPerView game vs. guy asking him to stop!
By Alex Firer
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  • An Australian man received a bizarre phone call from his cable provider, after he was streaming a Pay-Per-View game onto Facebook Live. It looked to be an exciting match, a competition between two forces, neither of which would back down, to the delight of an audience sitting on the edge of its seat.

    I am of course discussing the man vs. the cable company. Pow! The Cable Company politely asks the man to stop steaming! Oof! The guy says no! Pow, the guy asks politely again! The crazy thing about this video— this cable company guy really has zero power to stop this guy! Is there no rule against streaming the fight? Is this the “No rule a dog can’t play basketball” or the streaming world!? And also, how did the cable company find this dude’s phone number? A lot of conflict. At least the duo boxing on TV leave the ring with pride, and not looking like silly weirdos.

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