Trump Is Bad At Hand Shakes: Japanese Edition

If you would like to see a deeply cringeworthy handshake, click on, friends!
By Alex Firer
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  • Oh my God. How can a guy who sold himself as a master of business not even do a handshake properly!? It doesn’t make sense! It just doesn’t make sense! He might be illiterate, he can’t shake hands, what is happening!?

    Donald Trump, our president/scandal generation robot, met with the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo today and— I guess at this point it’s news that he didn’t get into a meaningless fight with a world leader. He did however, do one of the most awkward handshakes any of us have ever seen.

    Watch the video above, for some reason posted on the official POTUS account. He holds that guy’s hand for nineteen seconds. Nineteen seconds. He doesn’t let go, he doesn’t even look Abe in the eye for photo-ops. And Abe’s face after that handshake shows him dealing with this. Look Abe, we’re not thrilled about this either. Thank you for your politeness, Abe.

  • Twitter reacted to the pure awkwardness of that handshake and— look man. The president doesn’t know how to shake hands. What can we say.

  • Also when Trump introduced Abe he welcomed him to “The Very Famous White House”. America in 2017 you guys! It’s a roller coaster covered in puke and we’re riding it, baby!

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