‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Cast Revealed Minus Percy Hynes White

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'Wednesday cast photo for season 2.

Netflix announced that the Jenna Ortega-starring Wednesday is back in production with a cheeky video, but one cast member is visibly missing from the long list of talent returning to the series.

In the short teaser posted on Twitter, Thing (Victor Dorobantu) rides on red Radio Flyer down a black and checkered hallway, hand delivering scripts for the second season to the main cast, which includes Joy Sunday as Bianca, Joanna Lumely as Grandmama, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, Emma Myers as Enid, Steve Buscemi as Barry Dort, Billie Piper as Capri, and Thandiwe Newton as Dr. Fairburn. Thing eventually stops in front of Ortega’s dressing room. While in character as Wednesday, she picks up the script to see that the first episode of season two is titled “Here We Woe Again.”

Screenshot from Netflix's Wednesday Season 2 Cast Reveal teaser
The first episode of Wednesday season 2 will be titled “Here We Woe Again” SOURCE: Netflix

The episode is written by co-creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and directed by executive producer Tim Burton. This creative team also recently worked on the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, which also stars Ortega as Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder)’s daughter, Astrid.

Jenna Ortega attends the world premiere of Netflix's "Wednesday" on November 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 16: Jenna Ortega attends the world premiere of Netflix’s “Wednesday” on November 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

Netflix also posted a cast picture on their Twitter account featuring Ortega, also commemorating the beginning of production of the successful Netflix series based off the characters from The Addams Family.

The post is captioned, “Wednesday Season 2 is NOW IN PRODUCTION 🖤 Please give a round of double snaps to our cast — now including Christopher Lloyd, Steve Buscemi, Thandiwe Newton, Joanna Lumley, Haley Joel Osment, Heather Matarazzo, and Billie Piper!” Christopher Lloyd, who played Uncle Fester in the The Addams Family movies, follows Christina Ricci, who played young Wednesday in the feature films in joining this new imagining of the creepy and kooky family.


Missing from the cast photo and the teaser is Percy Hynes White, who played Xavier Thorpe. Xavier was one of Wednesday’s love interests whose special ability is bringing his art to life. In early 2023, a user on X (formerly know as Twitter) alleged that Hynes White sexually assaulted her at a Toronto party. Hynes White vehemently denied these allegations on Instagram. The first reports of Hynes White being written out of season 2 were made back in September by The Daily Mail. These posts from Netflix make it official.

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