YouTube Has Censored A Giraffe For Being Too Naked

The giraffe was giving birth on YouTube Live and YouTube proclaimed the pregnant giraffe was too naked, and too sexual! Okay weirdos, if you say so.
By Alex Firer

  • YouTube is teaching giraffes to be ashamed of their bodies and I for one am against such censorship! Against!

    Let’s back up for a second. When a giraffe was streamed via live video giving birth to a little calf on YouTube— giraffe fans, live birth fans, and just straight up gift of life fans were kept in rapt attention to the proceedings at hand. The miracle of life! Streamed live from Animal Adventure Park in Harupursville, N.Y.! Is life not the greatest adventure of them all!?

    Well, YouTube did not seem to think so, after it ended the live stream of a Giraffe about to give birth over concerns over “Nudity and Sexual Content”. What the heck!? Animals are nude!? Giving birth is sexual!? What kind of bananas pervert runs YouTube Live anyway!? And whomever he is, let’s keep him away from the Toys’rus Mascot! Yeesh!

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  • The zoo’s owner, Robert Patch, ended up posting on Facebook, saying “By kicking our lifestream offline, you have literally removed an educational tool and you have harmed the species survival more than you could ever recognize.” After that, the video went back up, and we all saw a beautiful NON SHAMEFUL giraffe birth.

    As for you, Mr. Patch! You may have convinced the public this time, but I want to see pants on all of these animals if these kinds of acts of no goodnickness can continue! Pants!

    What do you think, should animals wear pants? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending and check out the raunchy live beautiful animal birth video below!

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