Dave Chappelle Is Back!

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  • Finally. Get your Prince boots off the couch, which you have placed on there despite the best warnings of your host, and get ready to again peer into the brilliant brain of one of our country’s greatest modern stand ups, because Dave Chapelle is coming back with not just one but TWO Netflix specials coming out in the same month.

    Netflix released a little trailer for it, which you can watch above, and damn it if we aren’t excited. Chapelle very famously left his legendary sketch show, Chapelle’s Show, as abruptly as can be imagined, and since then has remained a legend, with his reputation growing further and further in his absence. He would do secret shows, then tour, and of course his amazing SNL hosting job, but these two specials are his first entrance back into the public eye in an official way after so long. And this trailer is just wetting the appetite for his amazing work.

    Two specials are coming out on the same day March 21st. The description claims he’s “Cleaning Out His Vault” so I’m guessing we’re getting a lot of back up material that we missed during the artist’s long hiatus. We love Dave Chapelle, and we could not be more excited.

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