Bush Has Sense Of Humor About SNL

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  • A George W. Bush sighting these days is truly a queer duck. The man was once known as the worst president in U.S. history — what with his starting of TWO quagmire wars (two!), but that reputation is slowly starting to erode now that we have someone somehow more troubling in office. So George W. Bush makes his way, like a gopher who suddenly seems not so bad in comparison compared to the treason gopher we have recently made acquaintance with, to Jimmy Kimmel where he discusses — amongst other things — Will Ferrell’s impression of him.

    George W. Bush takes credit for a lot of Ferrell’s mispronunciations— but not however the Iraq War, which is a shame, because those are more important than Will Ferrell’s mispronunciations, but we will take what we can get. This is where we are, a world leader seems okay because he doesn’t want to murder his SNL impersonator. George W. Bush also discusses Envelopegate, and far be it from us to associate George W. Bush with any major screw-ups like that Heavens no! No? Heavens, no!

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