McKinnon Plays Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump on SNL

Another masterful turn by the incredible comedian
By Alex Firer
  • “I had a bad week”, says Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions in the cold open of the latest SNL, and buddy, she ain’t kidding. Jeff Sessions, who was recently accused of perjury, was forced to recuse himself from his own investigation (of course) after he was caught lying under oath about wether or not he spoke to Russian officials. It looks like he did! How can one guy go through so much ridiculous history and have no memory of the event? Why you’d have to be like… Forrest Gump…

    That was at least the idea behind the cold open on SNL this Saturday. Kate McKinnon playing Jeff Sessions for the second time as he recreated the opening of Forrest Gump. Just as Forrest Gump told his amazing story to anyone who sat by his side, so too does Jeff Sessions, except Jeff Sessions’ stories are far more craven and weird. First he didn’t talk to the Russians, then he did, then he straight up talks to Putin! Jeff! Cut it out! Jeff Sessions! Cut it out!!!

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