Watch This Dog SCREAM

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  • The internet’s roots are humble — before it went on to make unlikely celebrities and dadaist experimentalists, it started with videos of animals doing funny things. Cats with their faces stuck in breads, dogs acting like humans, cats who make one go “lol” — a “lol” cat one could say. Now, between then and now perfect animal videos have been few and far between. They can be like Christmas gifts — and open your eyes good people, because here we go — the perfect three second dog video — a dog being terrified of a human hand and screaming.

    Let’s analyze it.

    Second One: The dog is at peace. This is a place of normalcy for the animal, and the sort it does not think will ever be harmed or torn by forces greater than he.

    Second Two:The hand is placed on the dog’s back. Plopped more likely. The dog glances at it. Is it a Friend or a Threat? And otherwordly beast from the UnHellFire who is here to touch his butt and touch it big or an Angel Sent From The Heavens To Flap Its Angelic Wings In Its Little Face?

    Second Three:The Dog Screams An Inhuman Screams And Flees. Normalcy has been broken. Chaos looms, nothing shall ever be the same again. Fear devours all.

    Directed By Lars Von Trier

    The video was originally posted on the Instagram of one Hehe_M8 and can be found here, and you can give us your own intellectual dissertation of the dog scream in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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