Sean Spicer Wears Upside Down Flag Pin at Press Conference

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  • Trump press secretary Sean Spicer’s press conference today was a lot — as it always is, right? He said job reports have been phony in the past but are no longer (what?), again repeated the beloved lie that Trump’s audiences at the inauguration were bigger than Obama’s (why does he still care. They were miniscule. Why does he care!?) but additionally, Sean Spicer’s pin is upside down. What it means is mysterious. Is it a hint of the destruction of the United States by foreign forces? Or maybe is it a sign that Sean Spicer is in danger or distress?

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  • Sean Spicer insisted he’s okay, but he’d have to right? Who screws up a flag pin? Isn’t the way a flag pin is pinned to your chest like — a core tenet of the Republican platform? This doesn’t seem like an accident? But if he accidentally committed an act of incompetence with loaded American symbolism — that’s about as on brand for the Trump administration as it can imaginably get.


    What do you think? Is this a cry for help? Or an act of dum-dumness? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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