Woody Harrelson Casually Says His Star Wars Characters’ Name

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  • We adore here the laid back attitude of one Woody Harrelson. The sweet, potentially high, True Detective Existing, Wilson promoting so and so had no care for the high octane respectfully built vial of super secrecy surrounding the Star Wars project he is a part of — the Han Solo reboot. Nay! The man’s mouth moves! It speaks words! Words which spoken should not be! The man’s mouth moves and the verbiage which takes place is an eternal wave of unsecrecy in a world which has long abandoned fear and is heading forth into a hyper wave of ultra bravery.

    “I play a guy named Beckett who’s kind of a criminal and a mentor to Han”, sputters out Woody and lo the gates broke open! The secrets flee like so many moths from a moth zoo! Run secret moths, run! The jaws of Woody have sprawled out like a python and the insects flee! What secrets shall we learn next!? Is it— none of them!? All of them!? As long as Donald Glover is still Lando in this sucker, I’m good.

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