Seth Meyers Calls Out Trump For Stealing From Chevy Chase

"I'm the president and you're not" seems like a very familiar Chevy Chase joke...
By Alex Firer
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  • The fraternity of Weekend Update hosts is a small but close one. When Jimmy Fallon falls, Tina Fey is there to pick him up. When Amy Poehler falters, Jane Curtin is there to prop her up. So right now, when Seth Meyers is hosting a late night show that delves into politics, how can he not take apart Trump’s latest proclamation to Time Magazine.

    When asked if he thinks he’s doing something wrong, the weirdo responded, “Well, I’m president and you’re not”. Seth Meyers is quick to point out — my friend. Is a play on a Chevy Chase line. A classic Chevy Chase line which goes as such — “I’m Chevy Chase. And you’re not”.

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  • Mr. Trump, have you no shame? (I mean, I guess he 100% doesn’t but whatever.) Stealing from beloved comedian and noted weirdo Chevy Chase!? As Seth Meyers points out, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s stolen from SNL, and plays a clip of Norm McDonald shouting “Fake news!”.

    Oh Trump. You’re just one “Seriously” away from getting a cease and desist from Frozen Caveman Lawyer! What other references can I throw in… I dunno, Kate MacKinnon’s Russian character helped you hack? There are options.

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