Escalator Accident Injures 18

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  • It’s a very terrifying world out there, where even the things that you see every day — the machines around you — can break down and hurt you. Take this incident, where an escalator in Hong Kong malfunctioned, going too quickly after the escalator started quickly going in the opposite direction, causing the riders to tumble an injure themselves.

    When the mechanics came to fix the escalator’s brake system, they were arrested, which seems less than fair all things considered. Either way, as the video above explains, this is one of many tragic escalator malfunctions and look — this is terrifying. I have to trust the world around me and the stairs under my feet. Just remember — this is a rare occurrence than it seems. Take deep breaths, deep breaths…

    What do you think of this troubling story? Are you going to think twice next time you get onboard an escalator? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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