YouTuber KevJumba Is Back

After a four year exodus, one of our favorite original YouTubers has returned!
By Alex Firer

  • It’s always nice to see one of the original YouTubers return — the kinds who made introspective sketches, and we got just that with one of the true originals in the constant content stream, KevJumba.

    KevJumba, the YouTube name of Kevin Wu, an original and pioneering vlogger who mysteriously stopped posting videos in 2013, has returned with a video titled “Texting”, containing stand up and sketch on the strangely hard to hold on to nature of the text — where you have no idea what the person recieving the text will feel or think! All in all, a warm sketch that also showcases the close relationship Kevin has with his father— a staple of his videos — and a strong return for one of YouTube’s favorites.

    Many wondered what happened to Kevin. Some thought he joined the monastery. Others wondered about his recent car wreck, about which he discussed in another video titled “Hope”. He has not joined the monastery, but the car wreck was a real thing and we’re happy one of our favorite YouTube comedians is back and entertaining us all.

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