WTOriginal: Sean Spicer Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

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  • Check out the latest WTOriginal, from the makers of Elmo Got Fired, its — Mad at You starring Sean Spicer.

    Sean Spicer is one of the all time greatest sitcom characters and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. Sure, Kramer slid through doors, but has anyone slid through the cruel doors of logic as hard as Sean Spicer has? And sure. Norm drank a lot. The one thing we love in a sitcom character. His big big drinking. But did he drink from the Kool-Aid of American Fascism’s lies as readily and greedily as Sean Spicer has? Friends.

    This is why before Sean Spicer was the current Press Secretary, he was one of America’s favorite sitcom boyfriends, in “Mad At You”, a sketch starring Shira Lazar. It was written by Adam Bozarth, directed by Alex Firer and edited by Mitch Wells and even though all those people were babies in the 90’s, they were babies with some sweet sitcom skills.

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