Atlanta Interstate Catches Fire Then Collapses

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  • A busy I-85 freeway in Northeast Atlanta caught fire, and as smoke billowed our from it on all sides, people watched helplessly as it later collapsed.

    While officials are still not certain what started the fire, state Department of Transportation chief Russell McMurry said that the fire began in an area where the state stores construction materials.

    And because people don’t always do the smartest things, in the video you can see how some motorists try and drive through the interstate with black smoke and crazy fire around them, as firemen battle to put it out below.

    CNN’s Elliot C McLaughlin was on the scene and posted a video of people being people with this comment:

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  • Cortez Stafford, a spokesman for the Atlanta Fire Department, told CNN:

    “There was a 40-feet or higher wall of fire. Power lines were falling and arcing heavily and falling in the streets,”

    When concrete started falling away from the bridge, firemen were asked to step back (and for good reason) because shortly after the interstate collapsed with a huge boom, and the force was so powerful it knocked many backwards.

    Even with all of that, incredibly only one person was injured!

    And with spring break ahead, and an average of 220,000 cars which make their way across the interstate, people are scrambling for a new route to take.. and it’s looking like it will take months to fix.

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