Dog Escapes Hospital By Opening Doors With Snout

Bad dog! Brilliant dog... but bad dog!
By Alex Firer
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  • Dogs are very intelligent creatures, and over time the human race has discovered a variety of attempts to keep them from walking all over us — none greater than the mighty doorknob! “Ah, the doorknob”, we chuckle to ourselves. “No creature alive is smart enough to date who can outmaneuver the mighty doorknob! The chimpanzee maybe, but we’ve not domesticated those fowl beings yet, we’ve simply domesticated the dog!”

    We puff on our pipes, ignorant of the terror that is to come soon, as we watch General, a Great Pyrenees escape the hospital by using his snout to open no less than three doors as he escapes the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia.

    The dog was found fifteen hours later and returned back to the hospital to await his family. Good! I’m glad he’s okay! And it’s nice to see a dog with a more reasonable attitude than the usual crew of neurotics we showcase on this website.

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