SUV Tows Boat in Worst Way

By Alex Firer

  • This scene might be familiar to you if you’re watching a cartoon. A family is going on a vacation, it ties its stuff to the hood of the car and goes off, but however, slowly and surely, the stuff flies off and the driver is none the wiser. It is a classic element of your Goofy Movies and whatnot, but to see it in real life — yeesh! Terrifying! Like in the video above, showing a boat hanging off of a car, skidding down the highway. That’s so dangerous and crazy! What if it flies off and hits someone! Augh!

    And why didn’t this driver do a boat trailer!? Such mystery! Such anxiety! Did the boat trailer roll away? Will the boat even be in good enough condition to take on the water!? Come on guys! What are you thinking! There are people behind you driving with pure anxiety in your veins! Folks! Come on!

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