The Simpsons Roast Trump’s First 100 Days With Short

Steve Bannon makes a shockingly appropriate Simpsons character.
By Alex Firer
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  • Late night comedians have had their fun with Trump’s first one hundred truly terrible days. We had Seth Meyers, we had Trevor Noah and we had Stephen Colbert give their two cents, but it’s not ver until we’ve had that Jonathan Swift of the animated airwaves, Homer Simpson, give his two cents. In the short animated film just released, we see an only slightly exaggerated version of Trump’s white house — Sean Spicer has killed himself and Kelly Anne Conway runs from his hanging body, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon — who looks surprisingly fun as a bloated Simpsons character — literally at each other’s throats, kind of looking like when Homer chokes Bart, as we see Trump weep at the idea of reading things and make it legal to kill hibernating bears.

    We then pan out to watch Homer and Marge witnessing Ivanka Trump get onto the Supreme Court as Marge runs out of Prozac and Abe Simpson gets detained by ICE agents. It’s nice, and harkens back to a time when the world of The Simpsons had an infinite scope — something that’d be nice to see again. All that and, only The Simpsons could showcase the Trump White House as how it feels — a horrifying sight that would belong more in a horror film than our reality.

    The Simpsons, of course, famously predicted the unlikely President Trump in the year 2000. Oops.

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