Anthony Atamanuik Helps Soothe the Pain With President Show

These clips are insane.
By Alex Firer
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  • Boy oh boy, guys. Yesterday was rough. The Trump administration shoved a healthcare plan so terrible down America’s throats yesterday that it included c-sections on it, amongst others elements that seem like— boy oh boy. The Trump administration certainly doesn’t care one iota about a single America alive right now. Hell, Paul Ryan celebrated by drinking Bud Light. Which made us all the more thankful that Anthony Atamanuik’s President Show was there to add a little salve to the pain.

    This is the second episode of Atamanuik’s president show, and each one has given us a lot of much needed relief from the stresses of this current, way too difficult era. A stand out clip last week involved Atamanuik as Trump cheering on a fire truck and wishing for death — as one does.

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