Bear CHASES Bike

Pedal faster!
By Alex Firer
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  • What if Grizzly Man — the harrowing documentary from Werner Herzog involving a man’s tragic encounter with a grizzly bear — involved bikes!? This is the question on everyone’s morbid mind, a question that now can be answered with the video above, as we watch folks with a dashcam biking down a dirt road, and watching in terror as a bear chases their bikes for a little while, only to lose interest and saunter off.


    The bikers stop and discuss it and it’s like— you fools! Keep biking! That bear was a baby! You don’t think a giant mama bear is waiting just around the corner ready to give greater chase!? Bike on, you fools! Bike on!

    What if bears wore GoPros? Just thinking out loud here. I want to see what the other side of that chase look like, you know? And if there’s time — maybe– and I’m saying maybe! Don’t get your hopes up! — climb up a big tree and fight a tiny stinky bee.

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