Psy Releases New Videos, Blows All Our Minds

One of them is an autobiographical diss track, friends!
By Alex Firer
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  • For those of you who remember Gagnam Style with stars in your eyes, the release of a brand new Psy video is a very special occasion — the trippy K-Pop stylings of the internet’s biggest star are an always welcome addition to the internet. The latest one — titled New Face, is low on the internet virability of Psy’s greatest hit — no catchphrases to be seen— I tell you— but plenty of charm to be had!

    The video seems to take a page from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, as Psy takes on a series of roles in order to seduce the object of his affection, played by Naeun of the K-Pop girl group A-Pink. Playing his personal version of a master of disguise, Psy dons mustaches, costumes, hotel outfits, and takes Naeun on a gondolier and the most romantic place you can bring a girl — a poker table.

    This is one of many new Psy Videos, amazingly — and one of them, New Luv, has to be seen to be believed. As Adam Conover notes—

  • The video itself is bananas, acting as an autobiographical diss track. Also, way for Psy to proclaim “Life is hell” in a music video. Nice.

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