Why Are “Why I Left Buzzfeed” Videos Catching On?

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  • Recently, the world of creators has seen a resurgence in videos whose subject states its claim earnestly — “Why I Left Buzzfeed”. In them, ex Buzzfeed employees discuss the issues the company has — including the fact that the creators do not retain the rights to the content the make for Buzzfeed— even the stuff you make outside of work hours for Buzzfeed. Pointless meetings where nothing gets done are also a concern.

    Wether or not the concerns come from a personal place or from flaws in a big corporation, one thing can’t be denied — they’re hypnotic to watch. Heck, just watching people shout off about a corporation feels very nice — and hopefully it teaches corporations that you have to treat human beings like human beings rather than profit margins — that is, if you don’t want them making videos like these. It’s satisfying on a real “Bernie Sanders/power to the people” level. The internet– giving power to the people’s hands at last!

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