Seal DRAGS Girl Into Water, Girl Rescued

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  • You know what folks? Animals are scary! Sure, we love them when we— say, for example — grab their butts and they scream, but all of them — even the mighty seal will defeat you given even the slightest provocation — and if not you they will come after your loved ones, such as in this worrying video of a seemingly playful seal dragging a little girl into the ocean!

    The seal seems to be having a goofy time as a family gazes at it. He leaps at the girl, and the girl laughs! It’s funny, this near danger, it’s a delight! And then suddenly — danger! The seal drags the girl into the water! Chaos! An adult dives after her and rescues her immediately— a rescue is done! But boy oh boy. The mighty seal is not to be messed with — nor is the strength of the mighty father! Seal — you’re going to be flung across the docks buddy! You watch your back!

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